Inter-broedplaats Olympics

iii & De Besturing, The Hague
Participating broedplaatsen (initiatives): iii, de Besturing, Maakhaven, Locatie Z, Trixie
Organisers and Hosts: Yun Lee & Gökay Atabek
Opening ceremony by: Kexin Hao
Closing performance by: Gökay Atabek
Commentators: Cas van der Meiden, Annelies Maltha
Referees: Flora Reznik, Ludmila Rodrigues
DJs: SNACKBAR the Ambassador, DJ Colloid, Rachwill Breidel, FormerlyKnownAs

Art based on sports, sports based on art.

In the first ever art olympics in The Hague, five teams of artists representing their art initiatives face off in the following challenges: Slow Bike Race, Cable Relay (Roll, Lay, Gaff), Speed Ironing, Wall Painting, Manual Forklift Obstacle Race.

Each competition has its own award, and the broedplaats with the most wins gets the overall award (a plaque and bragging rights for the rest of the year).

Photos by Helena Roig
Poster design by Ex Disco
Prizes by Gökay Atabek and Yun Lee

Inter-broedplaats Olympics was presented by iii with financial support from Creative Industries Fund NL and The Municipality of The Hague.